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Nursery Curriculum

Our nursery is run on the principle ‘learning through play’, as we believe this is the most meaningful way for young children to learn. The structure of our day includes extended periods of uninterrupted play, so the children can get deeply involved in their own learning. We work hard on our environment inside and out, ensuring it is rich and enabling, creating independence and promoting a love of learning. As we move through the year our curriculum balance shifts to include some motivating adult led activities, core experiences, and targeted sessions based on children’s needs.

Our curriculum is designed to give children the foundational knowledge and understanding needed to prepare them for reception. This is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and ‘Development Matters’ guidance, along with children’s interests and developmental needs.

A priority in our school is the development of children’s language and vocabulary. Which is something we also pride ourselves on in the nursery. We do this through the stories we read, our interactions with children, and our language and communication rich environment. We provide lots of opportunities to develop children’s familiarity with stories, songs and rhymes throughout Nursery.

Safeguarding and child welfare

At Stonehouse park nursery safeguarding is incorporated in all that we do, from our safer recruitment process to how the building is secured; child protection is part of our daily nursery routine. Your child’s welfare is our number one priority.

We have two ‘designated safeguard leads’ within the nursery. Whilst all nursery staff members are vigilant in their duty of care, it is the Designated person's responsibility to ensure staff members are up to date with the latest safeguarding updates, as well as to take the lead with any areas of concern.​

  • All entries to the nursery are locked immediately after the children enter.
  • Strict ‘No Mobile Phone’ Policy throughout our nursery.
  • Robust vetting and selection process for prospective employees.
  • All staff members are DBS
  • Safeguarding training provided to all staff members on a regular basis
  • Visitors to the nursery are always accompanied.