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Information for Parents

Partnership with parents

Parents and carers  are a child’s first educator, they know their children better than anyone. Which is why at Stonehouse Park Nursery we strive to work in partnership with our children’s parent and carers from the very beginning.

Stay and Plays

Before your child starts we will invite your family along to a stay and play.  Where you will get the opportunity to meet the staff, including your child’s key worker and share valuable information about your child with them.

Online Journals

We use online journals to share some of your child’s learning at nursery. The journals allow you to access photo’s, video’s and statements of what they are learning at nursery. Giving you the opportunity to revisit that learning at home. It’s also great to share your child’s experiences outside of nursery, helping us to know your child better.

Regular phone calls

Once a term you will get a phone call update form your child’s key worker. Informing you of their progress, what they are enjoying and if there is anything we feel they need support with. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions and inform us of changes or upcoming events.

Face to face meetings

We also offer face to face meetings throughout the year, you can also request these at any point by emailing the nursery. These are usually 15 minute appointments with your child’s keyworker, we can include the nursery Senco if needed.